Bhante Dewananda

Bhanthe Bokanoruwe Devananda received ordination at the age of fourteen and entered higher ordination in 1973. Read More →

Samaloka International Buddhist Centre

145/2B, Robert Gunawardhana Road
Malabe, Sri Lanka 0094-11-2791197


About the Samaloka

“Our Mission is to propagate Buddhism all over the world”

Buddhism is a unique religion in the world. It is spreading all over the world, even faster than the spread of the sun light. It is in great demand in the western countries. As you are aware Buddhism is already very established in the East. Therefore, it is our great responsibility to help the Western Buddhist laity who needs our spiritual assistance. However, there is a wide shortage of English speaking monks to teach Dhamma especially in the Western countries.

Fortunately, we are living a world where technology has advanced and developed rapidly. Therefore, it is very easy to propagate the Dhamma through the modern sophisticated and high technology means. As such, we are planning to establish an English Teaching Centre in Sri Lanka to train as many novice monks as possible to meet the need. The main objective is to train the novice monks to enable them to propagate the Dhamma everywhere in the world. There are six kinds of great meritorious deeds in Buddhism which you can cultivate for Dana or generosity.

  1. Setting up garden and orchards for public use (Aramaropadana)
  2. Planting shady tress and fruit trees for public use (Vanropadana)
  3. Building roads and bridges for public use (Setukarakadana)
  4. Providing drinking water on the wayside (Papadana)
  5. Constructing walls, tanks and canals as a means of public water supply ( Udapadana)
  6. Donation of monastic dwellings (Upassadana)


Our Centre is seeking your kind support and generous donations to make it possible for us to build the English Teaching Centre in Sri Lanka which shall be named as the “Samaloka International Buddhist Centre” The main objectives of the proposed Training Centre are:

  1. To teach and propagate Buddhism all over the world.
  2. To encourage foster and practice the Teaching of the Buddha.
  3. To train novitiates for ordination as Buddhist monks.
  4. To provide educational facilities for the Maha Sangha and the laymen.
  5. To publish books, periodicals, newsletters and pamphlets on Buddhism.
  6. To establish a mutual relationship between the Maha Sangha and the laymen.
  7. To provide religious, educational and community service for laymen.
  8. To promote the “Samaloka International Buddhist Centre” as International English Training Centre for novice monks.